The Next Web
June 2nd, 2007

David Lenehan reports on Read/Write Web on yesterdays Next Web Conference, held in Amsterdam.

Evangelist and rabble rouser in the new Relationship Economy Deborah Schultz was on just before lunch, focusing on our social relationships with the people around us, and that how they work are living examples of how these relationships should be conducted online.

note: this impressing event was twittered by a great number of dutch twitterers (including two dutch cowboys twittering and podcasting semi-live by marketingpodcaster Jim Stolze). Notice the overview of the event reports on Marketingfacts and Frankwatching.

On Dutch Cowboys we read that Schultz promoted the ‚Äòweaving’ of contacts of all kinds of sites, twitters, messengers and mail. Personal and business relations will mingle. It is of importance to have face to face contacts,but the online possibilities can be leading.

According to Schulz the ‚Äòskills’ a good ‚Äòweaver’ possesses are:

- listener
- connector
- critic
- Partial Geek
- Detective
- Catalyst
- Diplomat
- Juggler
- Approachable
- Intuitive
- Inquisitive
- Driven by relationships

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Hi Gerrit,
Excellent article!

Thank you for mentioning my podcasting activities. It was my pleasure to attend and to do some audio and blogging :-)



2 - Gerrit

You are welcome Jim. I am a fan of your podcasts. Uploading the first one while The Next Web was still going on was a blast. Your interview with Marc is a perfect illustration of ‘the art of networking’. Fit to use for a networking workshop. This is how you do it. Your podcast (Marc’s comment) even ruined someone’s reputation. The web has legs you know ….. :)


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