June 13th, 2007

In a conversation with Ajit Jaokar, who will be one of the speakers at this conference, I asked him what microlearning is. He pointed me to the website here – and lo: there was Smartmobs as a key buzzword that anticipated the ‘fundamental phenomenon’:

Microcontent is the kind of (very) small pieces (quite) loosely joined that emerged in the last five years, in the Web as well as in the mobile/cellular sphere. As “microcontent”is breaking free from macro-sized silos to form new, much more loosely coupled formats and structures, old forms of e-learning, of knowledge management, and of information acquisition must fail.

The buzzwords of the last 5 years – like Smartmobs, Google Galaxy, Blogosphere, Web 2.0, Semantic Web … – all point to one fundamental phenomenon:
microcontent circulation and micromedia environments.

Microlearning2007 is looking at the underlying structures, and asks for the consequences of these developments for individual and organizational knowledge:

The office workplace is dissolving, and so is the traditional classroom. Walls are falling, borders are blurring, spaces are opening.

New digital technologies and accompanying cultural practices are pulverizing static offline macrocontent, transforming it into clouds and clusters of digital chunks of microcontent – meme-sized, heavily annotated and extremely hyperlinked.

New knowledges are not based on archived documents and the individual human memory anymore. Knowledge structures are taking shape for shorter time-spans and in concrete situations, before melting back into the all-pervasive digital environment. . . .

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