Freesouls and Photo Commons
June 18th, 2007

A new tag ‘freesouls’ has been set in motion by Joi Ito to identify photographs of people available under a CC-BY license, as Joi describes here:

Last month, I blogged about one of my new “missions” – to take photographs of people and post them under a CC-BY license so that Wikipedians and other people writing articles have access to photographs that they can use in articles. There is a problematic lack of usable photos of most people as any Google Image search will prove. I’ve been talking about this a bit more and Larry suggest we start a “freesouls” movement to encourage people to post take and post their photos under a free license.

I’ve started tagging any decent quality images of people on my Flickr stream tagged with their name and the tag “freesouls”. If you’re interested in joining, just start using the tag.

The post quoted above continues with a discussion of a new node coming out of the just concluded iCommons Summit: ‘We’ll mostly be discussing norms and legal issues around taking and sharing portraits as well techniques, tools, services and events. We’ll also try to put together a tutorial online.’

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