“Evolution of the Protest” — short, graphic look at history of smartmobbing
June 19th, 2007

This short, stunning, PDF by Shlomo Goltz on “Evolution of the Protest” is a must-read for students of smart mobs. Goltz combines scholarship and graphic design into a short booklet. I’m adding it to my syllabi.

This book will explore of the use of communication networks in the context of
activism. It Is about how networks emerge, what they look like, and how they act. An example from the Civil Rights era known as the Nashville sit-ins will set the stage by illustrating how a basic sit-in functions. A protest known as the Battle of Seattle will be used to show how the advances of communication and organization that have been facilitated by mobile communications technologies.12 It is imperative that the protestors of today understand how modern communications technology can improve the efficiency, precision, and effectiveness of protest.

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Take a look at the Rand Monograph, Networks and Networks by John Arquilla and David Ronfelt for more details on these types of network-enabled protests. It contains a number of examples. It is available from the Rand Corporation at http://www.rand.org/pubs/monograph_reports/MR1382/ for free.

Arquilla’s other work on Netwar published through Rand is also worth reading.

Graham Hill

2 - Howard Rheingold

Thanks, Graham. Of course, Arquilla and Ronfeldt were primary sources for Smart Mobs. I should catch up on their latest.

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