No conversational marketing on
June 24th, 2007

I found out about the matter of “conversational marketing” via Jeff Jarvis, and then saw that Federated Media, which handles advertising on this site, has communicated with me that they will soon have some material to read about conversational marketing. I like Federated Media. We make enough money on ads here to pay for the server and to buy our bloggers a gift certificate every few months. But nobody is going to chat up our sponsors here. As Jarvis said, it’s up to us bloggers to set the limits. So I am sticking with FM, which is a smart outfit that I am proud to be associated with, but no conversational marketing will take place on this site.

So ultimately, this is a cautionary tale for all bloggers who take ads: You must set your own boundaries and not let them be pushed. When you do — whatever those boundaries are — that is the very definition of selling out.

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