Electronic Numbering Mapping (ENUM)
June 28th, 2007

On June 18 the dutch department of Economic Affairs officially launched the kickoff of ENUM, a promising innovation platform linking the world of telephony with the world of the Internet. The chair of ENUM Innovation Platform Netherlands is senior-scientist professor Robert Meijer, known from the internationally praised IJkdijk project , applying high tech sensor technology as an early warning system for dike failures.

The unique feature of ENUM is that you define your contact preferences and combine the various options in the way that suits you. You might choose to have all your e-mails delivered to your mobile as text messages or for voice-mail messages to arrive as e-mails. So communication no longer depends on where you are or what platform (phone, Internet, PDA) you are using.

ENUM is the standard method for converting a phone number registered anywhere in the world into an Internet domain name. Contact details are then associated with the domain name corresponding to the phone number. This makes it possible to access the contact details via the Internet.

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