Finland moves towards ubiquitous information society
July 6th, 2007

Transforming Finland into an information society is the goal of a new action plan recently unveiled by the Finnish Government.

The plan, which covers 2007 to 2011, addresses the practical steps needed to develop a ubiquitous information society. ‘Ubiquitous’ means seamlessly embedding technologies and networks into everyday life in order to deliver services when, where and how they are needed.

Several advisory groups will be set up to coordinate projects in the following five areas:
– developing public electronic services and an information and communication technologies (ICT) environment;
– using the benefits of ICT in education, research and culture;
– developing the information society infrastructure and promoting the communications and media services and business;
– promoting innovation and electronic services in social and healthcare;
– information society affairs related to innovation, competitiveness and productivity.

Groups will also be established to discuss intellectual property rights and copyright, and matters relating to information security and electronic identification.

For more information on research and development in Finland, read this announcement and visit: CORDIS Search

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