July 27th, 2007

Miguel Romo published on Metalives.com an article about “resident oriented marketing”. It is part of his MBA thesis, and complementary of an earlier article on smartmobs about avatar based marketing.

Such an innovative technology like Second Life is a paradise for innovative marketers willing to create new business models and new ways to interact with customers. Some companies are starting to realize that having a nice building with tons of corporate image is not enough to attract residents; they must offer them an added value to its virtual experience. Those companies that quickly adopt this customer orientation in its virtual developments are those who will create successful business concepts. This Second Life hype is not only creating job positions for marketers, also for virtual designers and consultants that are coaching companies to make their transition into the virtual world. The possibilities of new ways of doing business will just keep expanding with the time as well as the innovative marketing strategies used in the metaverse.

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