Strategies for Applying Web Analytics to Social Media
July 28th, 2007

We had our first meeting to the Social Media and Community Committee of the Web Analytics Association  this week and we discussed, among other things, Social Media Standards, which my committee will help draft standards documents for.

In order to foster the creative and collaborative work of the Social Media Committee, I quickly and easily created my own white label, private Social Network using, for my own Social Media Committee and Web Analytics Association Board of Directors members.  Without the Social Network we’d not have had as much of a sense of community and we’re now looking at rolling that model out to the entire membership of the Web Analytics Association (weather it ends up as a Facebook Application or another White Label Social Network has not been decided yet).

We also held the meeting simultaneously in Second Life at’s Headquarters and had 7 visitors, all from the Social Media Committee.  

In fact, we have been exploring how to use Second Life Analytics and Social Networks to promote engagement in Corporate Islands (in 3D Virtual Worlds) and I’ll be speaking about that at the Semphonic Xchange Conference on September 20th – 21st in Napa Valley, CA.

X Change

Scenic Napa

“…What is X Change?
X Change is different. X Change is a highly focused Web Analytics conference for and by real world practitioners. And unlike most conferences, the focus is on small, interactive group break-outs facilitated by expert practitioners where you get to discuss your issues, talk over real-world approaches and figure out joint strategies for doing web analytics — not on passively absorbing someone else’s point of view. This intimate conference will bring together web analytic managers and practitioners and put them in a setting where they can share experiences and brainstorm new approaches. The revolution is just beginning. Get in on the ground floor. “

XChange is a great conference to attend, especially if your looking for “hands on” knowledge on Social Networks, Second Life and Web Analytics; XChange is being held at COPIA this year and if you like Red Wine (as I do) that would be enough of a reason to go (besides the Web Analytics, Social Media and Second Life stuff).  Besides, it’s said that wine helps people think better.

“…Join us at COPIA in Napa, California during the “Crush” – the most beautiful and exciting time of year in the wine country. Copia is a Premier Wine, Culinary and Arts Center nestled in the very heart of Napa’s Wine Country. Enjoy the heady brew of fine wine and good thinking!”

Getting back to Social Networks,  I can actually see this going further – and the ideas come to me, literally, as I write them down.  What if we could make a Social Network Application to an organization like the Web Analytics Association (that has 1150 active members at last count) mobile based as well?

That might be the future of how Social Networks evolve, not “either” mobile or “desktop/laptop” based, but a hybrid model that allows you to connect any way, at any time you want.

I think the reason why it’s so important to consider mobile communication in the creation of Social Networks - people are married to their mobile devices – much more than their laptops / desktops – and as the mobile devices become more powerful (as the iPhone has, by creating an mobile interface that’s superior to anything else yet invented for mobile devices) more of the decision making will be done on Mobile Devices, asynchronously and in smaller chunks.

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