Roundabout route for social networking story
August 3rd, 2007

Demonstrating how truly global today’s information network is, the story below about a barbershop in Austin, Texas followed this route: I read an article written in South Africa, referring to the India Times, which quotes Reuters (based in London), in a story datelined Los Angeles — about how the barbershop in Austin uses social networking to bring in customers:

LOS ANGELES: After years of socializing, Facebook and MySpace mean business. The sites, which started as a way to help people stay connected with friends, in the past year have begun catering to professionals, offering networking and advertising opportunities.

Some companies are embracing the trend, while others are trying to shut the Internet’s virtual doors as firmly as possible.

Barbershop owners Erin Portman and her husband, Michael, of Austin, Texas, created a page on, the site owned by News Corp and especially popular with teens.

MySpace “friends” of Bird’s Barbershop often post photos and comments about their haircuts on the music-filled MySpace page, with links back to their own personalized MySpace pages.

“We started collecting ‘friends’ before we were even open,” Portman said. “I definitely think it has boosted our business.” The shop now has more than 2,100 MySpace ‘friends,’ many of them customers.

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