Walled social gardens?
August 7th, 2007

Three ZDNet writers analyze “Facebook, social capitalists and open networks” focusing on the walled gardens Facebook, LInkedin, Twitter and other social “utilities” are causing. Do these social utilities have too much control over our digital lives?

As the stock market roller coaster continues, the concept of social capital accrued via social networks is starting to become an important commodity. People are flocking to Facebook and other social networks, partly to experience the latest online trend and for those who latch on to a particular network, to build up their social capital via making connections. . .

At this point, the masses haven’t taken to the virtual streets to break down the walled gardens. The information superhighway is broken up into islands where millions of people gather and associate, separated from other islands by design.

Today, people are mostly content, experimenting with the more civilized walled gardens that aggregate information and friends and bank all the personal data and social capital. The revolution won’t happen until social capitalists realize that the capitalists–Facebook, Google, MySpace (News Corp.), etc.– shouldn’t have too much control over their digital lives.

Thanks Greg

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