New reports that kids know what they are doing
August 13th, 2007

In a report released today and previewed on SmartMobs, the National School Boards Association found that “School district leaders seem to believe that negative experiences with social networking are more common than students and parents report.” In the same vein, today from across the Atlantic comes word from a major European Commission survey that kids justify illegal downloads. More about their rationalization for the downloads can be read in the Reuters story, which also contains these observations concerning children’s awareness of online hazards:

The survey results, released Friday, found that most kids use the Internet several times a day and, while Internet use is to some extent limited by parents, most own their own mobile phones, the use of which is largely unsupervised.

The survey also found that children are much more attuned to such potential online risks as security, viruses, identity theft and potential dangerous contact with strangers than parents imagine, and that they tend to know about the necessary precautions.

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