Pro-Tibet from China to YouTube
August 14th, 2007

The Toronto Globe and Mail reported on August 8 about a group of internet-savvy pro-Tibet activists in China who drew global attention to their cause. The article explores their success in getting “their message out rapidly and not through filters of mainstream media or government censors” — though: “But despite techniques that can side-step China’s internet censorship and publish online, the downside remains that people within China cannot read or view the information that’s posted.” This report of a mob being smart with their message begins:

The group of pro-Tibet activists in China that caught the world’s attention this week by chronicling a series of stunts over the web used an “age-old tactic” with a savvy, modern twist, says an expert in the field.

By using the internet to circumvent Chinese censors, the Students for a Free Tibet — including three Canadians — sent live cellphone videos of them rappelling down the Great Wall of China and unfurling a banner that read “One World, One Dream, Free Tibet 2008” back to New York using the internet software Skype.

The video was almost instantly posted onto YouTube, and just like that, they had an immediate and global audience for their cause . . . .


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