An update on disconnecting our kids
August 17th, 2007

USA Today is carrying a story headlined, Michigan school district cracks down on cellphones, iPods. The report begins:

A Detroit-area school district is getting tough on students who use cellphones or iPods in school, punishing them with automatic suspensions for breaking the rules. Instead of having the items confiscated or serving a detention — as most school districts do — students in the Plymouth-Canton (Mich.) Community Schools now will be suspended one day for a first violation and up to five days for four or more violations.

My opinion that educators should be finding ways to use their students’ handhelds for learning makes me not objective enough to make a reasonable comment on the confiscation/suspension approaches. But I recommend clicking through to USA Today and reading the story. It is a well written slice of school life of today, where perhaps the biggest issue of technology is how to keep students from using it. The final quotation is a good summary:

“Some kids are guilty, but they’re treating everyone like they’re guilty,” says Jing Guan, 17, of Canton, Mich., a junior at Plymouth High School.

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