Data visualization train schedule
August 18th, 2007

train schedules
Stamen, a design and technology studio in San Francisco has a webpage with gorgeous drawings of proposed designs for the public areas of the new Transbay Transit Center and Tower in downtown San Francisco. Of interest to smart mobbers is the visualization of what could be thought of as the mobbing of trains at different hours of the day. The image above visualizes the train activity of the BART lines at midnight and at 9 pm. From the text of the webpage:

Live train scheduling

E.J. Marey famously demostrated that a train schedule can be much more than a simple list of numbers and times—it can be deeply informative, rich in meaning and pattern, and a joy to use. The entranceway to the Transbay tower affords an opportunity to bring these ideas to the public in a lush new way, by using the walls of the building itself as an enormous indicator of upcoming transit activity as it passes through the terminal.

via Information Aesthetics

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