The battle against exam cheating moved onto high-tech grounds
August 19th, 2007

Talking about smart mobs and what purposes they empower by help of technology, here’s one funny, but yet negative side of it, still counterattacked by colleges: cheating through high-tech means. Pretty old news by now, sure, but it keeps being nurtured with fresh details. Some students ingeniously adapt new technologies in order to serve their slacker side. But teachers keep up with anti-cheating devices or techniques, like anti-plagiarism databases, turning off the wireless networks or the cell phones before exams, keeping the students’ monitors towards where teacher’s eyes can see, clearing students’ calculator memory, using software to monitor the applications students run on their computers, and so on.

The culture of cheating seems to be universal and the motivation for cheating appears to last with or without some specific means throughout the human history. One opinion says that some people will always try to cheat, if they can, by any means, at any time. So, the sneaky lazy slicker fellow type will always find more or less skilled impersonators to inhabit. Now it’s the next high-tech level for the strategic battle-game between the chevaliers of education and their naughty attendants of the learning process. Both sides learn a few things, alright… And The Center for Academic Integrity even turned it into academic study.

Source: Yahoo! Tech News

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