Copowi — “Community Powered Internet” — new ISP guarantees net neutrality
August 23rd, 2007

(Thanks, James!)

Copowi, “Community Powered Internet,” is a new ISP that offers a guarantee of net neutrality:

Copowi stands for Community Powered Internet.

It is an alternative way of accessing the Internet, more in line with how the Internet is actually developing.

We also believe it is the best way to keep the Internet affordable, open and fair, and to allay the real concerns highlighted by the net neutrality debate.

In a sense, Copowi is the next-generation Internet Access Provider (as opposed to the profit-focused corporate approach) with the following distinguishing characteristics:

* A guaranteed commitment to keeping the Internet open and fair.
* Based on social enterprise model where the focus is on delivering the best products and services with all profits returning back into the community.
* Open, meaning that all materials, systems and software we develop will be available to others under a public license.

We have partnered with the some of the leading wholesale providers in the country to deliver a world class Internet service.

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