Reporters with a twist or how reporters use Twitter
August 26th, 2007

The author of ‘Here’s how reporters use Twitter’ is involved in the launch of a newsroom for freelance journalists using Twitter. The reality-style reporting site is called ReporTwitter will be up soon. Hold your breath. Read the blog.

We designed our formula so that reporTwitter stories have a high probability of reaching (the) critical mass come what may; be it through making it to the newspapers or by organic development right on this platform.

These are some interesting feeds by people who twitter about their journalistic adventures most of all: is interesting because it features the work days of a German freelance journalist. is the twitter by the Groundreport guys, who run a grassroots reporting site. In their Twitters they focus on journalistic issues. takes the Yank approach and addresses his audience; ‘…Good morning. Do you remember murderer so and so?…’

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