Mapping sex offenders
August 27th, 2007

offenders map
A free service at Vision 20/20 lets you display the locations of sex offenders in your neighborhood. The image above was created when I entered my zip code and requested a map. This is a very powerful tool from the world of map mash-ups, explained as follows on the Web site hosting the project:

There are 650,000 registered sex offenders in America – and that number grows by about 25,000 every year. Wouldn’t you like to know if any of them are living in your neighborhood? Now you can!

Use the Vision 20/20 POM Offender Locator to identify registered sex offenders living in your area. Do it now. It’s Free! Just type your address and zip code, and find out exactly where they live. Our system will reveal their location instantly – with their address and their picture.

You can also register with POM Offender Locator to receive an alert the moment any new offender moves into your neighborhood. It’s a Free service!

Now that you are empowered, you can be rest assured that you are taking the appropriate measures to safeguard your family.

via Techcrunch

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1 - Martin

People are already suspicious of their neighbors – what will this help?
It’s just a great tool for thugs who want to hand out vigilante justice – which increases crime.

The research clearly tells us there is only one way to reduce recidivism – managed inclusion. If criminals have done their time, they need to be given a second chance, and a support network – not more fear-based public humiliation.


Education is the best way to prevention. 60 MILLION Americans have been sexually abused as children and 50% will go on to abuse. Read the article, “The Crux of the Problem…” at my web site


States will spend millions for passing the AWA which is “doing more harm than good.”

Legislators need to consult the EXPERTS rather than pass knee jerk legislation that actually endangers children and the whole of society. I encourage everyone to write their law makers demanding they stop endangering children with knee jerk legislation and BRING IN THE EXPERTS.

“Maine is one of the few states that is going about this correctly. They are “LISTENING TO EXPERTS, rather than passing emotional knee jerk legislation which protects no one but endangers everyone. The vast majority of states have passed laws that “Do more harm than good.”

Protecting children and society must be done “intelligently.”

Here is a short “audio clip” referencing the issue in Maine.

“Effectiveness of Sex Offender Registries Explored By Legislators-LISTEN”

Listen here:”

Once truth is acknowledged, you cannot deny it and remain true to yourself.

For everyone out there interested in helping their self out on these issues look at this website . They have pro se lawsuits available for purchase that address Adam Walsh and Megan’s law issues.

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