Roads to Canterbury
September 4th, 2007

google map canturbury england

Nearly seven centuries ago the characters whom Geoffrey Chaucer captured in his Tales traveled ye olde rodes of England to reach the place shown in the screenshot of a Google map above. Fifteen centuries ago Augustine became the first Archbishop of Canterbury, in this place. When he arrived, the local King Ethelbert’s Queen Bertha, a Christian, led the welcome of the Faith. In the earlier mists of time Celts, Romans, Angles and others had been where we look now through 21st century digital pixels. The Google map above is a website venue tool for the 2008 Lambeth Conference of the Anglican bishops. We can guess that Augustine, Ethelbert, Bertha and Geoffrey — could they click around in the Google map of Canterbury — would say: “Will miracles never cease!” The Celts, Romans, and Angles would have had less ecclesiastical exclamations. Sure, from our viewpoint it’s just Google map of Canterbury, but there is profound wonder in how visiting places and knowledge digitally are increasing our ability to understand history and our world.

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