Flash mobs are being added to the panoply of charity
September 8th, 2007

Tony Hallett from silicon.com informs us that charity always finds new objectives, means and people to support it. Byte Night recently used a flash mob to drum up publicity ahead of the 5 October sleepout. As described on its website, “Byte Night is the IT industry’s annual sleep out in support of young people who are coping with life after care or facing homelessness.” People with experience in charity or people who didn’t deal before with this type of activity get together by word of mouth, as well as by tech means, like blogs, mobile phones, websites or email groups. Flash mobs could be described as a charity-on-the-go public event, though this kind of assembly can take place for different reasons, serving various causes. This is news that remembers us how modest, but noble initiatives can grow into something of great impact when organized mobs fall in love in a good cause.

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