Mobile Social Networks
September 11th, 2007

Mobile Social Networks has it’s successes and failures already, judging from a recent post in TechCrunch titled The Holy Grail For Mobile Social Networks.

“..There is a trail of failed attempts at getting this right. Nokia released Nokia Sensor nearly three years ago. It broadcasts information about yourself to others via bluetooth. Never heard of it? Neither has anyone else, although it is still available for download. Google’s Dodgeball is another example that’s fallen flat – it tells friends (and friends of friends) who are within 10 blocks of you where you are and what you are doing. “

As a matter of fact, Dodgeball does still work, but never gained momentum after Google bought it.   Here’s some new Mobile Social Networks that have potential:

“…A bunch of new startups are giving this a shot, too. In a post yesterday TechCrunch UK mentions Germany’s Aka-Aki, Paris-based Mobiluck and MeetMoi (the lone U.S. startup). Another startup is Copenhagen-based Imity. It’s not surprising that most of the innovation is occurring in Europe. The current approach is to get java-based software on the phone – very few U.S. carriers and handsets allow user-based installs of java apps.”

We’ll be studying the issues with mobile social networks via the Social Media Committee of the Web Analytics Association, shortly.

Meanwhile, a new interview on me appeared in Web Analysis, Behavioral Targeting and Advertising today titled Interview with Marshall Sponder – Part I and Interview with Marshall Sponder – Part II

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