Google plans Asia Pacific submarine cable
September 22nd, 2007

From Bangkok Thailand Geoff Long submitted an item about Google planning to build its own submarine cable linking the U.S. to Asia Pacific.

Geoff writes: “In case you missed it, Commsday had a world exclusive on Friday with news that Google is going to be one of the builders of a multi-terabit undersea communications cable across the Pacific Ocean for launch in 2009. This is obviously major disruptive news. Here’s what my Commsday colleague Grahame Lynch had to say: Google would get access to a fibre pair at build cost handing it a tremendous cost advantage over rivals such as MSN and Yahoo, and also potentially enabling it to peer with Asia ISPs behind their international gateways – considerably improving the affordability of Internet services across Asia Pacific”

Google’s move could be disruptive to the capacity industry as it takes a major source of traffic – and revenue – out of the general market place.

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