Howard Rheingold Interview – A walk up the mountain
September 23rd, 2007

I’m fortunate to have met Howard Rheingold at his house in Mill Valley with my Web Analytics Association Co-Chair, Elena Haliczer, on Saturday afternoon, September 22nd, 2007.   I captured the majority of the time we spent while following Howard Rheingold up the mountain path near his home,  in what I’m sure is a unique interview, while we walked his dog along the path.

I asked Howard Rheingold if another book was in the works; he said it’s much harder now to predict what is coming next due to the “Event Horizon” being too close.  Elena and I try to answer what that means at the end of the last movie, just after Howard Rheingold left us off at the Sausalito Ferry to make our way back to San Francisco.

Thanks Howard!

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