Stefana Broadbent (Swisscom) on Picnic “Bye Bye Routines”
September 28th, 2007

Swiss anthropologist Stefana Broadbent addressed the attitude and routines of the multimedia consumer in an age of multitasking ….

Stefana Broadbent

Stefana’s presentation was informative in that here is someone who is focused on the here and now and examining how people are actually behaving, accessing information and communicating. Her myth-busting statements were interesting eg. People are not using PVRs to skip advertising, newspapers aren’t dead, etc. Her point that “everything is moving into the background” was interesting, especially when she spoke about the fact that the at the same time, the ICT industry is offering more deliberate choices, technologies and services, such as PVRs, music players, etc. which allow users to control information and communication. According to Stefana, asking people to choose is killing routines because the moment users choose, they have a commitment to their choices and become more focused.

thanks to Deborah Carter for reporting on the Picnic events weblog

Stefana Broadbent’s presentation is titled ‘Trends in Communication and Entertainment’
It can be seen here on video

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