Everything Is Miscellaneous at Picnic
September 29th, 2007

The moment David Weinberger entered the stage of Picnic and started his keynote I realized that my twittering in the coffeeroom had deprived me from the opportunity to talk to the author of Everything is Miscellaneous: The Power of the New Digital Disorder (reviews). Unaware that I was sitting across this wellknown Harvard professor I was so focussed on my device that the few words we exchanged were ‘Gezondheid, we say in dutch’, to which David friendly replied ‘or as we say in English God bless you’ or ‘Bless you’.


This video at Upstream shows the full presentation + debate at Picnic on September 27 of David Weinberger and Andrew Keen

In the debate led by Personal Technology Editor Walt Mossberg of the Wallstreet Journal it was David Weinberger versus Andrew Keen, author of The Cult of the Amateur: How today’s internet is killing our culture and economy (media coverage).

Focus in this debate was the democratization of the web, web 2.0, the dangers of citizen journalism and the pitfalls of Wikipedia.
While Weinberger emphasized the growing complexity in relation to the positiv sides of Web 2.0 Keen addressed the dark sides of the web attacking David Weinberger stating that this internet philosopher confused by calling the media ‘the world’.

‘The Internet is nothing more than a medium’, Keen said. For Keen ‘the democratization of the web’ is a real threat. In the eyes of Keen the promise that the internet will enrich people with more and objective information proved to be a farce.

According to Keen the world is flooded by coloured and misleading content spread by activists, who only make it more difficult to find the right information. At the same time it is getting more difficult for professional journalists to do their work properly. Keen argued not being interested in complexity. What the world needs is competent information workers to filter the overload for only the happy few have the time to analyze the sources.

An extensive report on Davids presentation is given by Daily EM

Weinberger qualified Keens debating style later on his weblog as ‘an oddly anti-intellectual track’

Cory Doctorrow interviewing David Weinberger on Everything Miscellaneous, May 1 2007

David Weinbergers presentation on Everything is Miscellaneous at Google Talk, May 10 2007

Andrew Keens presentation on The Cult of the Amateur at Google Talk, June 5 2007

Wallstreet Journal Full Text: Keen vs Weinberger, July 18 2007 [thank you Marco !!]

Complete Picnic ’07 Video Archiv

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