Google Datamining Mobile Search Queries – finds over 25% are Adult Oriented
October 5th, 2007

Search Engine Land’s Greg Sterling points out, in a post titled Google Mines Mobile Queries, Finds Longer Strings, More Searches, And More Clicks,  that Google has been doing extensive research into Mobile Search Query Usage and what Google found is pretty interesting; Adult related Searches were over 25% of what people wanted when looking for something on a mobile device:


Also, searches are becoming more descriptive and sophisticated in their searches – perhaps mirroring the sophistication of the rapidly evolving Mobile Devices they are searching with:


That’s right…. the Search Queries are getting longer and longer every year – the longer they get, the more “unique” each query is.

What’s weird is that the top types of content seached for in the US by mobile users doesn’t match the Top 5 Categories in Mobile Search chart that I placed in this post, above:


My guess is the the chart above is information coming from a different source, or maybe, the mobile search habits of American differ from the rest of the world.

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