More than 1/3 of Canadian Adults use Social Network Sites
October 5th, 2007

According to an article in the Financial Post yesterday – 37% of adults use social networking sites: study – more and more Canadians are using Social Media and Social Networks?  According to the article:

“…About four out of 10 Canadian adults have visited an online social network site, with about half visiting daily.”

“….The study found that 37% of adults have visited an online social network or online social community and 29% have placed a profile on at least one such site.”

I bet that level (37%) is higher than usage in the United States (but given our “Currency” is now about equal in value, maybe our usage of Social Networks will go up – though I doubt there’s any direct relationship between the two).

However, one statement stood out as something online advertisers would like to know (or maybe they already know this):

“..Social network users are also more likely to click a website advertisement. “

So the answer is …. more Social Networks …. at least that’s what I’m getting out this information.  On the other hand, people already have too many Social Networks to choose from – and they have to replicate all that work from one network onto another when they join … so maybe what we really need is …. Single Sign On Specifications to become a standard in Social Networks – so the work and friends me make one network, are known by others we join, and the more social networks we join – the more the relationships we form in each network are measured against some overall standard or map of who our friends are (or aren’t).

Just a thought on this Friday afternoon.

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