Wikipedia mapping
October 7th, 2007

Just found this beautiful map of Wikipedia that I found on Datamining blog:

 “…The map is generated by first laying out the graph of Wikipedia (nodes are articles, edges are links between articles) and then using then decorating that substrate with colours (for topics: maths, science and technology) and images. “

 I certainly can’t interpret it as well as A Beautiful WWW blog that posted the map on October 2nd in a post titled Visualizing Science & Tech Activity in Wikipedia:

“…This new version uses the same layout and images (well, slightly improved) as the original, but this time we tried to highlight activity in regions of Wikipedia that are predominately math or science or technology. 

So we developed a program to classify Wikipedia articles as being one of these three categories (or none), based on the categories the article was assigned to and their positions in the Wikipedia category link network.  We think it worked pretty well.”


There’s also more maps of Wikipedia at and Visualizing the ‘Power Struggle’ in Wikipedia

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