Adding Value to Mobile Communications
October 10th, 2007

I liked the Get Out of My Phone! 5 Ways to Add Value post by Valeria Maltoni appearing in Conversation Agent today because she talks about focusing mobile advertising on a mobile users’ needs rather than blasting them with information and offers they don’t need; the post suggests the reason we get useless information is we pay for all calls, both outgoing and incoming.

A recent article by The Economist, The Next Big Thing, highlights that “mobile advertising through text messages is the most focused: if marketers use mobile firms’ profiles of their customers cleverly enough, they can tailor their advertisements to match each subscriber’s habits.”

“….I predicted back in December that the US market is light years away from this model. The main reason being that in the US we pay for all calls, even the ones we receive — who wants to pay for ads peddling stuff we don’t need? Who likes to be interrupted in a meeting by an intrusive text message we don’t want?

Valeria Maltoni gives 5 ways to target mobile users and answer their needs, which is more effective than normal advertising since it’s more focused on the customer.

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