Educator orientation island unveiled in Second Life
October 16th, 2007

orientation island educator

The increasing entry of educators into the virtual world at Second Life has led the New Media Consortium to create a place for newbies to find their way. From a report in The Wired Campus:

Realizing that Orientation Island doesn’t fit the needs of many educators, the New Media Consortium, a higher-education technology group, has unveiled its own orientation island for newbies. The place has a San Francisco ambience, in homage to Linden Lab’s headquarters: An open-air market, the Golden Gate Bridge, and a trolley car are among the sights.

Kinks remain to be worked out. But the island is more colorful and informative than Linden Lab’s version. Particularly helpful is the “Pier of Culture,” which discusses, among other things, griefers (disruptive avatars), machinima (video production in Second Life), and poseballs (objects that animate avatars who sit on them). Such wisdom usually takes many months for users to discover on their own.

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