New 10QUESTIONS project for you to YouTube candidates
October 17th, 2007

SmartMobs is a sponsor of a new website called 10QUESTIONS where you can submit a question for all the Presidential candidates as a YouTube video. Visitors to the website can click a thumb-up or thumb-down icon for each video. The 10 videos receiving the most up thumbs will actually be submitted to the real candidates. I grabbed the image above from one of the first YouTube queries: she is lamenting the lack of inspiring women role models and asking the candidates what they would do to get more quality women role models into public affairs. Good question, I would say.

10QUESTIONS is a timely and interesting role model for the principles of smart mobbing. It is certainly a real opportunity for individual participation in Presidential politics, and some mobbing for political positions too. Because you can vote up or down on the videos, you are guaranteed at least some impact on what questions reach the candidates. If you submit a question, your impact will increase — and of course there is the opportunity to lobby your friends to vote for your video (applying both the oldest principles of electioneering and the newest ones of smartmobbing). And you might even become almost famous if your question is selected and the candidates have to answer it. (How cool would that look on your own campaign literature when you run for office some day!)

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