Local Apartment Building Social Networks feed Local Search Marketing
October 28th, 2007

Roland Piquepaille  mentioned in Putting a local spin on social networking today in Roland’s Sunday Smart Trends #186 though I gave the story a much different slant in Social Networking coming to your apartment building over at Webmetricsguru.com.

Fact of the matter, Apartment Building Social Networks like LifeAt.com are also good for local search marketing – because they create contextually relevant local real estate content to advertise on.   In fact, I predicted the rise of local social networks will call for most local businesses, that still don’t have websites, will want to once they have places nearby to advertise on.

And I also pointed out advertising on local search networks from local businesses, plus user generated content by apartment residents in the building would be a lot more relevant to people living in the same building.

Would the volume of traffic low?

Yes, but the effectiveness of the advertising, and the quality of the results would be 100 times greater since your hitting “close to home” so to speak.

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