Everyscape takes crowdsourcing for geo date to 4 locations
October 29th, 2007

In an update from Roland’s post in June 07 about Everyscape, today O’Reilly radar is describing an immersive street-side experience Everyscape is launching in Boston, New York, Miami and Aspen. The new project uses crowdsourcing for geo data:

. . . Their technology will allow anyone with a decent camera and GPS can contribute; they’re another example of crowdsourcing for geo data. The cities that Boston-based startup is launching with were primarily done by their employees, but that will not always be the case in the future.

Map pages of the site show a 3D’d streetside view in a Flash player that is in sync with a normal street map (See the image above). You can use either map to navigate a city. In the street-side views you move by clicking arrows and you zoom through the picture. In many of the 3D-ified images you can view 360 degrees. When you see a large orange marker (like a chess pawn) that denotes additional information is available about a location. The service has categorized business listings that are browse-able and searchable for each city. . . .

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