Political smartmobs are responding at 10Questions.com
October 29th, 2007

As a cosponsor of the new 10Questions project, SmartMobs receives email updates from the managers of the project. The excerpt that follows from one of today’s updates reveals that political partisans are beginning to get smart about mobbing 10Questions to get their preferred questions put to candidates:

Participation on 10Questions.com <http://www.10questions.com/> has surged, with the total number of voters topping 15,000 (that’s up about 9,000 from Friday), the total number of votes hitting 46,000 (up 19,000) and the total unique visits for the weekend at 17,000, more than ten times Friday’s traffic.

What happened? Several different advocacy campaigns, each on behalf of a particular question, joined in the conversation. A new video asking about net neutrality was posted, and from what we understand, MoveOn.org sent out an email to about 60,000 of its member activists urging them to vote for it. Obviously, a lot of people did, as that video rose to the top (with more than 5,000 net positive votes as of now). MySpace/MTV will be playing it for Senator Obama to answer during today’s webcast (1:30pm EST), which will also be aired on MTV tonight at 7pm.

But that’s not where all the traffic came from or went. The current #2 question on the site, about medical marijuana, has benefited from the advocacy of the Marijuana Policy Project <http://www.mpp.org/> and its grassroots supporters . . . .

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