poses questions to presidential hopefuls
October 30th, 2007

In talking up their website aimed at generating online political action, organizers site these strong points for

– allowing citizens to address a particular candidate directly (and not all candidates at once)

– enabling citizens to post/look at the questions by category

– not skewing the ranking by indirectly favoring the most recent submissions

Founded by university students in Washington DC, the new presidential question site is soliciting members of their generation at other universities to build participation, although the goal is to expand to all voting ages. New York University’s student newspaper Washington Square News has a report on the project, including: is a website created and maintained by students, urging Americans of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds to pose questions to this election’s candidates. Users can then rate one another’s questions, making the best questions the top priority. is based on the successful German website, which was created from the struggles of a group of students to contact their legislature about grants. American University freshman Shannon Sullivan, one of the creators and maintainers of the U.S. version, said the site’s mission is to “discuss politics in a clean, neutral atmosphere.”

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