The Presidential Medal of Freedom to be awared to blogger
November 3rd, 2007

The Presidential Medal of Freedom – America’s highest civilian honour – has gone to historians, astronauts, spies, jazz musicians, matinee idols, philosophers, soldiers, activists, novelists, boxers, televangelists, architects, businessmen, politicians (a depressing number), painters and even newspaper editors.

But this week, George W. Bush, proving that he has spent more time surfing the web than any US president before him, broke new ground when he announced that one of the medals for 2007 would go to a blogger. One might say that now – almost exactly a decade since the first blog issued forth from a pioneer’s keyboard – blogging has come of age.

… The bemedalled blogger is Gary Becker, the 1992 Nobel laureate in economics and a professor of economics at the University of Chicago.

Yet, although he has not been awarded the Medal of Freedom in the precise capacity of a blogger, what else but Mr Becker’s blog could President Bush have been referring to when he said that the Nobelist was “being honoured for broadening the understanding of economics and social science . . .” (Emphasis added.)

[via The Financial Times]

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