Boingboing evolves excellent new community features
November 5th, 2007

I’m getting so tired of Facebook. Doesn’t the boingboing community sound like more phun? Here is their excellent community manager, Teresa Nielsen Hayden, on the new boingboing community features. I recommend reading the entire quote.

Here’s the big change: all registered users at Boing Boing, Boing Boing Gadgets, and Boing Boing TV now have a profile page, which they can customize if they want by adding a bio and the avatar or image of their choice. On that page is a list of the comments they’ve posted. Other users can read it when they want to get a sense of that person and their participation here, or use it as a quick way to keep track of their BB friends’ most recent comments.

Another change is that anyone can now mark particular Boing Boing posts as favorites. We’ll be tallying which ones get marked. A list of the posts a user has marked will appear on that person’s profile page. It’s another way to get to know people.

The sign-in page is now part of Boing Boing proper, so if you bookmarked the old sign-in page, you’ll need to update your bookmark.

You know the header line at the top of Boing Boing comments? At the far right-hand side of that line there’s now a small, unobtrusive button. Clicking on it prompts me to look at that comment, putting it on a list for me to review. It’s not just a mechanism for noting problems, though it’ll be useful for that. Feel free to use it on comments that surprise or delight you. I expect I’ll be able to tell the difference.

Just so you know, the system will also tell me who clicked on the button, so if you’re just playing with them, I’ll know about it.

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