Nokia N810 T perfect for reading, writing and arithmetic
November 7th, 2007

nokia n180
Nokia’s developer newsletter published yesterday announced with justifiable pride:

Laptop magazine has named the new Nokia N810 Internet Tablet the best overall product of the CTIA Wireless & Entertainment 2007 conference. The magazine’s editors were especially impressed by the Nokia N810 Internet Tablet’s integrated GPS receiver with pre-loaded maps, slide-out keyboard, touch screen, and full-featured Web browser. “This handheld can handle everything from YouTube to Facebook,” Laptop‘s editors wrote. “Add in a media player — the microSD slot supports cards up to 8 GB — and you have one of the most versatile mobile devices money can buy.”

The image above is from the Nokia device details page for the N810. As one reads Laptop’s high praise and looks through the description of features on Nokia’s specs, there is nary a mention of education possibilities. But for a student or teacher the N810 is marvelous, with the edgy learning possibilities provided by Flash, GPS, video sharing and the like. The future of the basics of learning is also strongly served on Nokia N810, which could well be dubbed the learning tablet:

Reading – Internet access to literature at every reading level—in many languages—of virtually everything worth reading
Writing – 5-way scrolling QWERTY keyboard for full spelling input
Arithmetic – Keyboard practice, and touch screen with every known formula, calculation and calculator a few clicks away.

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