Playyoo: A new creative community around mobile games
November 10th, 2007

Playyoo Preview
Do you like to play games on your phone? Have a bit a Playyoo’s taste. This initiative puts into practice a simple, but brilliant and fun idea. Flash games on mobile phones are not a new kid on the block. So, what’s so special about Playyoo? First of all it’s a creative undertaking with an open source orientation. That means it’s open to the public and supported by the audience itself all the way from its incipient stage. Second, and implicitly, anyone can participate as Flash games creator or player. Or both. You can put up games and upload them on Playyoo, no matter whether you’re a Flash professional developer or an amateur. Everyone is invited to contribute and face the evaluation of the player segment of the audience.

Let’s see what Playyoo has to offer on both sides of the new community. Flash game creators are invited to enroll into a contest that’s due on 15 February. The prizes are appealing, starting with the big pot of $10.000. The sooner you submit your games, the longer the trial and evaluation period by the players. Players are called to take a sneak preview by downloading any game with a simple three-step process, try it on their mobile phones and be a member of the jury in deciding what the greatest games are. Contestants and players alike should go through the Playyoo’s blog and FAQs to get further and better informed.

So, feel free to plug-in and play. The mobile open source way.

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