Mob Rules: the new laws of business, politics, and culture
November 11th, 2007

Maxine Sherrin of Web Directions points to the closing keynote presentation titled Mob Rules of Mark Pesce held on Web Directions South in Sydney, September 25-29. (transcript) slidecast.

Sometime shortly after Web Directions South concludes, somebody (probably a somebody in the “developing” world) will become the three billionth mobile phone subscriber. Good for the providers, of course – but the effects of the network on human social organization are far more profound. From the dhows of Kerala to the cities of China to the beaches of Cronulla, we’re all coming into contact with – and learning how to master – the subtle skills of spontaneous self-organization which are the essential fact of life on the network. We can get in front of this spree of self-organization – or get run over by it. Either way, mob rules are the new laws of business, politics, and culture.

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