Web Collaboration in Action – the new WAABlog
November 12th, 2007

It’s rare that an industry has a voice, more often there are many voices – often talking over one another; now there ‘s a voice for Web Analytics. 

Published by the Web Analytics Association and contributed to by members of the Web Analytics Association, the WAA Blog: Thought Leaders from the Web Analytics Association is formally launching on November 13th, but already has launched, in reality.

In her first post on the Web Analytics Association Blog, Robbin Steif, CEO of www.LunaMetrics.com asks the question Should Web Analysts be Rock Stars?  Of course, the answer is no – we’re web analysts, not rock musicians (unless you really are a Rock Star).

To avoid duplicating what’s already been written about the WAABlog – here’s two posts that give more of an idea of the birth of a voice for the Web Analytics Industry – The WAABlog has launched in www.BigGreenBlog.com and Should Web Analysts be Rock Stars? Robbin Steif in www.Webmetricsguru.com.

And don’t forget to read the post by Robbin Steif Should Web Analysts be Rock Stars? in the new WAABlog.

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