The Official Oracle Wiki and customer Mix
November 28th, 2007

The new official public Oracle Wiki begins with this line of greeting: Welcome! Wikis are websites that everyone can build together. It’s easy!

I came across notice of the wiki in a post by Michael Feldstein on his e-Literate blog. His post title is Oracle Doing the Web 2.0 Thing, and includes these thoughts:

. . . Oracle is doing some interesting (and perhaps surprising) Web 2.0ish things that I thought were worth noting. First, the company now has an official wiki, based on WetPaint, which is open to customers and employees alike for building up an Oracle-related knowledge base. Second, there’s a new external-facing Oracle social network called Mix. The two most compelling features, I think, are the ability to suggest and promote product-related ideas and to ask and answer questions. (By the way, for the geeks in the crowd, Mix is written in JRuby and run on the Oracle technology stack.) . . .

The official Oracle Wiki is interesting from a state-of-the-wiki-art perspective. It is brand new, clean as a whistle and rich with features. The wiki and Mix are models of what late 2007 social networking might be when a major player sets itself up in Web 2.0.

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