Flock: An all-in-one social web browser
November 29th, 2007


I just saw this today via Twitter.

Flock aims to be a comprehensive social web browser. Tailored for users of the social networks and services, it is structured into three main categories: Activate, Share, and Know. Activate contains login platforms for social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and so on. Share it’s all about sharing pictures and media content with friends, and here, a Media Minibar and a Photo Uploader are at disposal. Know is an overall updater on feeds of favorite sites or networks. Also, Flock offers a Blog Editor. Heavy users of social media and web 2.0 will find that Flock succeeds at bringing some order into chaos, by helping to organize the myriad of possible places to go on the web, along with accounts data and other frequently used content.

I only begun to explore it. You are welcome to do the same and perhaps share some of your own impressions and insights.

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