Contemporary surveillance: Popular Mechanics looks under the hood
December 17th, 2007

Popular Mechanics lays out the surveillance world in its new issue. Examples range from easy video surveillance to lawyers snarfing adultery evidence from E-Z Pass, license plate readers to the London Tube bombings, profiling faces or employees.

There’s a man in Salt Lake City who knows what I did last summer. Specifically, he knows what I did on Aug. 24, 2007. He knows that I checked my EarthLink e-mail at 1:25 pm, and then blew a half an hour on ESPN’s Web site. He also knows that my wife, Anne, wanted new shoes, from Hush Puppies or DSW, and that she synced her electronic planner—”she has quite a busy schedule,” the man noted—and downloaded some podcasts. We both printed out passes for free weeklong trials at 24 Hour Fitness, but instead of working out, apparently spent the evening watching a pay-per-view movie. It was Bridge to Terabithia or Zodiac, he thinks….
“Total Behavioral Visibility” is Raytheon Oakley’s motto…

Surveillance has become pervasive. It is also more enduring. As companies develop powerful archiving and search tools, your life will be accessible for years to come in rich multimedia records. The information about you may be collected for reasonable purposes—but as its life span increases, so too does the chance that it may fall into unscrupulous hands.

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