Share your views about events in Pakistan
December 27th, 2007

Erik Sundelof writes:

Very much as I did for the events in Lebanon last summer I thought it would be awesome to get people around the world and in particular in Pakistan to share their views about what is happening there after the assassination of Bhutto. Please spread the word about the pages below where anyone can contribute their opinions, ask questions or just let the world know how you feel. We will not edit any content at the site so everything is unedited. It is a free, unedited, unmediated forum for everyone to give their side of the story and to tell the rest of the world about events that matter. If you choose to contribute via cellphone (SMS, MMS and email) use the following numbers: +45-609-91-0280; +61-427-22-9537; (for images).

Please help me spread the word as a sincerely believe the only way to move beyond this endless violence is to promote dialogue between citizens across the globe. The future is the unedited dialogue between the citizens of the world so let us start this dialogue now.

Here is the event page for the tragic death of Benazir where you will find news stories, blogs, first hand accounts, videos and images about the assassination showing you all the angles of the event, please give us yours.

A page with any content related to Benazir Bhutto including other parts she was part of. Let us know what your feelings are about her and her work.

( A more general presentation of allvoices is found here: http:// )

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