Searching Twitter twurts with Tweet Scan
December 28th, 2007

Tried out David Sterry’s (alias gnome weex) search engine Tweet Scan a real-time search engine for Twitter posts. I was quite surprised to find how this tool may be used for personal alerting and imagined how the service may prove its value as a “personal reputation scan”, a “corporate imago scan” or a frequent scan on any other particular subject of interest.

In my imagination I picture search assistents like this as tomorrows web 2.0 tool for the activity that information specialists used to lable as Selective Dissimination of Information (SDI). Obviously such alerts may be useful to keep track of “good” and “bad” twurts.

Tweet Scan may deliver the tweets in your email and can be set up with a daily or weekly frequency. Twitterers be aware of this !

RSS now available for any search. Subscribe to any search you can think of by clicking on the RSS link on the upper right of the search results. (..) TweetScan emails are great for reading during meetings, conference calls, and waiting at the DMV.

When for example I filled in my first and last name I got this tweet back by mail on my cellular. And filling in my twitter id alerts about any responses on my tweets. Trying a search on Howard Rheingold or Bryan Alexander gives ofcourse a more interesting result 🙂

Applications like Terraminds (see search on Bhutto) and Twittermail aggregate responses to tweets as well. Playing with them a bit demonstrated to me how short message blogging changed the (micro)world in 2007.

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