The Year of Scale by David Weinberger
January 1st, 2008

Harvard Business’s Conversation Starter has an essay by David Weinberger called The Year of Scale. The following are introductory paragraphs, which are followed in the article by Weinberger’s analysis of where the scaling effects will be felt most in 2008.

The world has been scaling radically since the Web first came on the scene. But the success of large, open-ended collaborations — a robust operating system, a comprehensive encyclopedia, some “crowd-sourced” investigative journalism projects — now is not only undeniable, but is beginning to shape expectations. This year, managers are going to have to pay attention.

The scaling is due to the basic elements in the Web equation: Lots of people, bazillions of pieces of information, and gigabazillions of links among them all. As more of the market, more of the supply chain, and more of the employees spend more of their time online, the scaled world of the Web begins to set the agenda for the little ol’ real world.

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