Transmission – Online Video Distribution for Social Change
January 3rd, 2008


The shortest, yet best description of Transmission initiative is the one of its own founders:

Transmission is a network of citizen journalists, video makers, artists, researchers, programmers and web producers who are developing online video distribution tools for social justice and media democracy. Our objective is to make independent online video distribution possible (using FLOSS) by building the necessary tools, standards, documentation and social networks.

The core idea is to create and use a video management system, similar to the idea of CMS (Content Management System) for a website, in order to to offer a communication infrastructure for conducting research, identifying needs, and developing solutions concerning the online activism for social change that makes use of video footage to illustrate various problems of the world nowadays, issues poorly represented, misrepresented and not represented at all in the mainstream media.

Transmission is professionally built, but still developing. You can find on its website information about the network, about how to get involved, who’s already involved, about past gatherings of Transmission members and you can also get access to the Transmission wiki that sums the work done so far, while offering the platform for further improvement and extension. Any interested person can join Transmission as an individual and, as an individual, you can submit your registration to more than one Transmission group. But working for its projects happens only as a group. That goes the same when applying for funding to sustain a certain project.

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