Alternate history: What if Carter won in 1980?
January 5th, 2008

Alex Steffen writes at Worldchanging Where might we be on climate today if Carter had won in 1980? What would America look like if 1970s environmentalism hadn’t met such a quick and brutal end? What would sustainability itself look like — would we all be living in a world of arcologies, living machines, and whalesong? Would America be a green superpower? Or would we simply be Europe, living better on less? Or would we be living in a stagflationary sweater-vest hell? What do you think might be different if that election had gone differently, and what lessons might it have for us this year?”

Alex added in a mail to Smartmobs that he’d be really interested to know what the readers of this weblog think. Drop him a line, leave a comment or blog something and send him the link if you’ve got a thought.

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